Know Who We Are

About our company

A L P H A – RECORD’S was founded in 2020 by Kevin Baum.

Eseloher Weg 6 , 58540 Meinerzhagen , Germany

Corporate Mission of A L P H A – RECORDS, Inc. alpharecords.clubs is a record label that strives to offer equal opportunities to artists in the music industry. The main focus of the company is on the search and development, marketing and promotion of artists and their products. Philosophy Equality, creative freedom and innovation are the three values ​​that drive A L P H A – RECORDS, Inc. and ensure that the direction of the company remains consistent. Creative freedom for our artists. Innovation to compete.
Our company vision is to become an internationally distributed record label known for its incredibly talented and creative artists. We will help to find and develop new talents and do everything in our power to properly market and promote artists and their products.

Company GoalsShort Term Goals (within the first fiscal year)

• Sign a contract with at least THREE new artists
• Release first full-length project under the A L P H A – RECORDS, Inc. imprint
• “Loyal” fan base of at least 5000 people
Measured using Spotify’s built in metrics
Measured by following count across different social media platforms
• 25% increase in streams between the first and the second label release
Data provided by streaming services (Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, etc.)
Benchmarked against the first-week numbers for the label’s prior release
• Finish the first fiscal year (2020-2021) with a positive net income(profitable)
Calculated by subtracting total company revenues by expenses required to generate these revenues.

Long-Term Goals (1-5 years)

• Sign a FOURTH artist
• 5% revenue stream growth(per year)
Measuring streams, digital/physical downloads and purchases, live performance ticket sales, merchandise revenues, publishing revenues
Comparing company revenue streams year by year, and how this growth (or shrink) compares to revenue performance for the overall industry.
Goal is to have a higher growth rate than the industry average
• Increase brand awareness
Tactics used to measure brand awareness include, but are not limited to, website traffic, search volume data, surveysand social listening
Measured by volume of mentions, reach (potential number of people that we may be seen by) and engagement rate(s)
Results will be compared not only against our past performance, but also the performance of our competitors
• Sign a distribution deal with a major distributor to assist in physical production and distribution of sound recordings

A L P H A – RECORDS, Inc.’ musicoperations are entirely dependent on our ability to discover and develop new talent. In addition to the discovery and development of new acts, A L P H A – RECORDS, Inc. alpharecords.clubis responsible for providing the necessary marketing, distributing and licensing of any product produced by these artists. These operations are what A L P H A – RECORDS, Inc. alpharecords.clubdefines as “artist development”: anything required to take the artist(s) from their first stage(s)of development to their breaking point as a star.From preparing our artists for interviews, helping them understand how to carry themselves on social media, to connecting them with the correct producers and helping find the right co-branding opportunities, our artist development services are geared towards identifying each act’s respective unique selling proposition. Through constant development, A L P H A – RECORDS, Inc. alpharecords.cluband their artists work together each day to make sure we offer unique products that are meeting our customer’s changing needs.